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翡翠 (Hisui)
22 December 2008 @ 01:12 am
[Today in Girls' Cabin 10, there is a maid packing a suitcase and looking, if possible, even more solemn than usual.]

((Drop post! Open unto eternity to anyone who wants to say goodbye.))
翡翠 (Hisui)
20 December 2007 @ 11:51 pm
As a heads-up, I'm redoing all of my icons (for all of my characters save Sara) and many of my keywords, particularly Hisui's (her keywords are going to have a theme now! Isn't that exciting? ... I thought not). So... I don't know why anyone would be reading old threads of mine, really, but if you are and the icons don't match up, that's why. \o/
翡翠 (Hisui)
02 October 2007 @ 11:04 pm
((Yet another all-purpose interaction post! Feel free to comment here at any time if you want to talk to Hisui about anything ever.))
翡翠 (Hisui)
05 November 2006 @ 10:00 pm
Character: Hisui
Series: Tsukihime
Character Age: 18
Canon: Hisui is the younger of the twin maids of the Tohno household. Shielded from their former employer Tohno Makihisa's abuse by her sister Kohaku, she had a far happier childhood and is the more stable of the two. As a child, she was energetic and outgoing, but after her master and close friend Shiki's departure, she became very quiet and reserved. However, underneath her stiff, formal exterior, she is still just a normal girl. In contrast to her devious sister, Hisui is very loyal to those she cares about, particularly Shiki, to whom she is deeply devoted.

On a side note, she's also a terrible cook with rather... interesting taste in ingredients, although she can't imagine why her cooking would turn out badly.

Sample Post:

I admit that I did not, in my childhood, have the opportunity to attend a summer camp; however, on the occasions that the thought entered my mind, I did not envision anything like this. For one thing, it is rather wetter than I expected, to put it mildly. For another, I do not think it is common upon entering a summer camp to have a large tropical bird drop a package at one's feet.

The package proved to contain a shotgun and a note reading as follows:

"Welcome to camp, possibly-twincestuous sibling number... ah, hell, we've lost count (what is it about you people that the Director likes so much, anyway?). Here's your standard-issue camp shotgun- you'll need it. All campers are supposed to be issued a tracksuit too, but we thought that would be a waste of a perfectly good French maid's outfit, so you don't have to have one. You can show your gratitude by getting in the kitchen and making us some sammiches, woman."

I thought that this would be a difficult request to grant with no kitchen in the vicinity, and sandwiches are not my area of expertise... although had I the appropriate facilities and ingredients I could have tried something gourmet, such as crab sandwiches, perhaps with a tabasco garnish... but never mind that. I wanted to offer my apologies to whomever had made the request; however, I did not know who it was, and thus could not. Therefore, I picked up the shotgun- as although I have no use for such a thing, it is never a good idea to leave something so dangerous lying around- and recommenced walking in the direction I had been going. (Strange... as I did, I could have sworn I heard someone say "ungrateful brat," but there was no one around. Perhaps it was simply my own shame.) I continued until I reached this... encampment, I suppose one would call it, although it almost seems more of a village- there are certainly a lot of people here for a summer camp in the autumn.

Now, if no one minds, I must inquire: have any of you seen my master, Tohno Shiki-sama? He is slightly younger than myself, has brown hair, and wears glasses-

- ah, no, I do not believe he is a "maid otaku."